I’m a military spouse living in Okinawa, Japan, and besides the many different things that I do here, one of the highlights of my week is attending Koza Baptist Church and hearing the teaching of God’s Word.

At last weekend’s service (Sunday June 9th, 2013), as I was busy scribbling notes from the sermon onto a scrap piece of paper, an idea began to take root in my mind, an idea which ultimately evolved into the creation of this blog.

It occurred to me as I was listening to Pastor Reimer, that I often process the relevance of his messages by corresponding them with events that I have personally (or indirectly) experienced.

The idea, that my experiences might help someone new to Christianity glean a better understanding of the scriptures, is what compelled me to start this blog.

I hope that my interpretation of the biblical scriptures and sermons that I hear and read each week, as I apply them to everyday life, will help new Christians (and those who are still searching), to draw nearer to God.

Jannine Myers



5 thoughts on “About

  1. AWESOME idea!! I have always thought about this as there is so much packed into one Sunday morning sermon that we can’t process it all in that short amount of time! I work hard at going back and reading the previous Sunday’s sermon at least once during the week, before the next Sunday! Especially if I’m not currently involved in a study – I can use it during my daily quiet time!!!!!

  2. J, it is a blessing to know you! I love the blog, your honestly, and I admire your courage follow God and speak about the truth of his word.

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