Easter – A Time Of……..

[I missed last weekend’s sermon and will also miss church this coming weekend – my husband and I are in the States until April 23rd. However, since it’s Easter this weekend I thought I would share with you an Easter poem I wrote many years ago; it’s a poem which I hope will help you to reflect upon the significance of a truly meaningful and symbolic occasion]


An Easter Poem

Easter comes but once a year,

An occasion to celebrate, a time of good cheer;

A time to remember what the Good Lord has done,

A time to take comfort in what is to come.


A time to reflect over centuries past,

A time of sacrifice as gladly we fast;

A time to set our hopes up on high,

A time to stop mourning over days gone by.


A time to bring forth the grievances we bear,

A time to let go of the things that we fear;

A time to cast our former lives aside,

A time to rejoice in our place as Christ’s bride.


A time to acknowledge the resurrection of our Lord,

Not forgetting that we each have been called,

To die with Christ, and die to sin,

That glory be to God, we will also live with Him.




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